Here are descriptions of select programs we offer.

We are always creating with new shows. Contact us if you would like to speak with a reference, get info about our fees, or if you need anything else.


Sing, wiggle, and read with our program "A is for Apple." Learn fingerplays for silly, sweet, and catchy songs about trees, babies, and counting. Imaginative renditions of American folk classics plus originals from our Award Winning Parents' Choice albums all rolled up with hula hoops, ukuleles, Dr. Seuss, and apples! Designed for toddlers, preschoolers and their caregivers, this Autumn-themed program gets families singing and moving together.

"I love a good noisy, flashy, high-energy show that has kids really jazzed up, but I also see such a need for the quiet, thoughtful, deliberate style that I first saw years ago in a Harmonica Pocket show and that has me inviting them back again and again."

-Erin Ostrander, Children's Librarian (King County Library System)


Dr. Seuss, born on March 2, 1904 in Springfield Massachusetts, is an American Icon. Through setting a handful of his famous and lesser-known books to music, we get to know Theodor Seuss Geisel. Audiences are invited to sing the words to Dr. Seuss's ABCs, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, and to help save the Whos on a giant speck of dust. Using theater, we learn the history behind the creation of Horton Hatches The Egg. And of course, to properly celebrate any centenarian's birthday, we sing Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.

Contact us for specific dates and availability.

"I truly loved Get Loose with Seuss. It was great watching the faces of both kids and grownups light up during this magical program. This is a program to be enjoyed by every age! The creative combination of music and movement, featuring the books and words of Dr. Seuss captured the imaginative spirit in all of us."

-Ellen Duffy, Youth Services Coordinator (Timberland Regional Library)


The Harmonica Pocket brings the ABCs to life with their early literacy program "U is for Ukulele." Favorite nursery rhymes, beloved books (think Dr. Seuss's ABCs), and original songs are mixed up with playful skits to celebrate reading and the alphabet. We sing, we rhyme, we pull enormous letters out from under our hats!

Designed for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergardeners, this show features hula hoops, ukuleles and catchy songs to get children, parents and teachers excited about books and reading.

"The way The Harmonica Pocket delivers language and song is a treasure and very inspiring to teachers. They are natural educators."

-Mary Wilson, Kindergarden Teacher (Grant Street Elementary School)


Equipped with some hula hoops, a ukulele, and a suitcase full of simple props, The Harmonica Pocket celebrates the holidays with their program: "Singing Thanksgiving."

This interactive 50-minute set gets young and old alike singing American Folk tunes including Over the River and Through the Woods, Turkey in the Straw, and She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain. Audience members are invited to co-create and improvise lyrics on a Harmonica Pocket original song Give Thanks and sing names of harvest fruits and vegetables on Apple Apple. Dance, fingerplays, a waltz with a pumpkin, and zany skits tie this program up into a thoughtful, playful package.

"Amazing and electric...a magical world of color, song, and dance. They had the whole room singing. If you didn't book them this year by all means book them next year! One of the best children's shows I've ever attended."

-Carole Watson (Timberland Regional Library System)


Put on a cozy hat and celebrate the magic of winter with books, ukuleles, and silly-sweet seasonal songs.

Families with kids are invited to learn finger plays, sing-alongs, and to wiggle and giggle with catchy tunes about snowmen, warm woolen mittens, and ice cream falling from the sky! Winter's hear, let's sing!

The Harmonica Pocket, will win you over with its laid-back originals and quiet reworkings of traditional tunes" -Kids Music That Rocks


Part story time, part sing-a-long and fully loaded with laughs! This one man show features wah-wah guitar solos, electric ukulele, and bass all performed live using a loop pedal.

Packed with playfully-presented early literacy concepts, children and their grownups create original rhymes to traditional folk songs, raise their voices to play with the alphabet's many amusing sounds, and sing along to favorite children's books.

Finger play, movement, picture books and an engaging, highly-interactive banter between presenter and audience make this show a hit with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Words fly and imaginations spin as participants are encouraged to display their creativity in a failure-free zone.

"An Acoustic Treat." - (Seattle's Child Magazine)

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Here are descriptions of select educational workshops we offer.

The interactivity of The Harmonica Pocket live show is a natural fit for classroom and community learning venues. Workshops are designed to bring our signature-style creative process into instructional settings and engage students of all levels in learning through the arts.

We have experience working with a range of settings and age levels, including traditional and non-traditional preK-12 settings, as well as with adult learners.

A hands-on Creative Writing workshop with The Harmonica Pocket's lead songwriter Keeth Apgar.

Together we co-create an original song from scratch based on participant-powered ideas.

As we dig into the creative process, the group works with music concepts such as rhythm, melody, tempo, and chords. We also touch upon the role of vowel sounds (end rhyme, internal rhyme, imperfect rhyme, eye rhyme), discuss song structure and creating images with words, dip into music theory, and develop listening skills.

This workshop can be tailored for all ages and levels. Prior musical training is welcome although not necessary.


Hula Hooping improves coordination, flexibility, concentration, builds kinesthetic awareness, and is irresistibly fun.

In Hula Hoop Basics participants begin by building custom-sized hoops. Through a hands-on process students cut, join, and decorate loops of PVC tubing. Then, we move on to learning the basics of hooping, including beginner tricks and dances. We play a variety of hula hoop games depending on group size, age, and ability. This is med-high energy cardiovascular activity.

In this workshop, students with prior hooping experience build on their skills, adding advanced tricks, stalls, and illusions using their hoops. Students build confidence in improvising and linking moves together. We discuss and practice original dance ideas and choreographed sequences. We finish the class with an open-play session where students freely explore working with their hoops along to music.

Hula hooping workshops can be tailored for all ages, all levels, and all movement styles. Come prepared to sweat and have a good time.

1/ Large, open, indoor space with sufficient room to move.  In warm weather a dry, grassy outdoor space can work.
2/ Ideal group size is around 12 students. Maximum group size is 30 students.
3/ A materials fee will apply to cover PVC rolls, joiners, and tape (approximately $7.50 per hoop). Alternatively we can provide hoops for the duration of the class. If we are making hoops with students we also need access to hot water (~180 degrees) for the hoop joining process, or electricity to run an electric teapot.
4/ For school and library groups, additional support of at least one supervising adult.


Ukulele: Tiny instrument, big fun.

Learn some essential ukulele basics in this introductory hands-on program. With a playful and light-hearted touch, teaching artist Keeth Apgar gets students up and running on the ukulele with chords, strumming and some finger picking. We'll discuss how to tune, hold and rock out on the instrument!

No prior experience playing or reading music necessary. Intermediate and advanced students welcome.


Sing, laugh, make weird faces and hilarious sounds, dance backwards, play catch with a ball of nothing. Welcome to the University of Play.

In this unique workshop, The Harmonica Pocket's Nala Walla (MSc) & Keeth Apgar bring their diverse teaching artist backgrounds together to explore the concept of Play. Throwing the arts "into the blender" we merge physical theater, clowning, improvisation, music and spoken word as we discover new ways of moving our bodies and experiment with unique possibilities for music making. We play games using our voices, bodies, props and found objects.

No experience necessary, only a spirit of playfulness! Large open space required.


If you have ever wondered why an F Chord is called an F Chord then this class is for you!

A hands-on workshop designed to initiate students of all playing levels into the secret world of music theory.

With a focus on ukulele, guitar or piano, we discuss the fretboard / keyboard, major scales, sharps and flats, major and minor chords, extended chords, how (and why!) chords work together, and transposing songs into different keys.

With a playful and light-hearted touch, Keeth walks students step-by-step to a more complete and confident understanding of music and their instruments. Students interested in songwriting will be inspired by this sequential class as the laws of Music Theory stimulate creative ideas.

No prior experience with reading music, music notation or songwriting necessary. A knowledge of some basic chords will be helpful.

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A few more comments....

Here is the extended play version of testimonials.  If you'd like to read about our recorded music, check out the reviews page.

"Imagine a beatnik Mr. Rogers who plays beguiling, Dr. Seuss-ian songs while a female Cirque du Soleil escapee hula hoops and mimes the story lines. The duo gently bridges the generations as their astute songcraft reminds adults that the reverie of their childhood is still close at hand. Their wide-eyed, wise and witty observations from a perch on the back steps of a new century, is cause for celebration: A fresh new family act has arrived!"

--Lisa Lepine
Booking Agent, Bite of Oregon (Portland, OR)

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-Parenting Magazine

"It is our pleasure to recommend The Harmonica Pocket to anyone interested in excellent children's music programming. They are a fantastic group that mesmerizes their audience. We have observed with astonishment the ways they hold their audience without creating a hyper atmosphere."

-Diann Wiklund
Director of Cross and Crown Preschool (Renton, WA)

"The Harmonica Pocket is one of the best up and coming artists in the country. We highly recommend you consider The Harmonica Pocket for any opportunities you have. They have proven themselves as accomplished and developed performers."

--Josh Wendell, Director of Independent Artist Regristry




"Just when I was beginning to think that the world of potential library programmers had been reduced to storytellers, magicians, puppeteers and the occasional theatrical troupe, Harmonica Pocket breezed onto the stage and hula hooped their way into our hearts.

With uniquely refreshing combinations of whimsy, playful interaction and genuine enthusiasm, The Harmonica Pocket easily captivated and held spellbound two large audiences.

Dr. Seuss would be green with envy to hear his books so lovingly rendered and musically adapted. And Nala Walla may well be on her way to creating a whole new generation of hula hoopers!"

-Pat Timko
Children's Librarian (Marysville, WA)

"Magical! A perfect literacy program for libraries! Highly recommended for those looking for fresh new talent."

-Jean Tarascio
Youth Services Librarian (Port Townsend, WA)

"Wonderful to work with, we can't wait to have The Harmonica Pocket back."

-Jennifer Sullivan
Children's Librarian (Snohomish, WA)


"The Harmonica Pocket bewitched me the moment I first stumbled upon them: Keeth's warm, playful smile, his unstrained, pitch-perfect voice and impish delivery, his goofy clothes and fanciful facial hair. He played each instrument with panache and aplomb: the guitar, the ukulele, the didgeridoo. He was part elf, part kid-show host, part balladeer. He was confident and generous and inventive. The guy was good.

Meanwhile, Nala Walla mesmerized the young audience, and their adults, with acrobatics, contortionism, pantomime, and vibrant costumes. She even sang the ABC's on a Vietnamese jaw harp. I was an instant fan.

This is music for kids that strikes just the right note: cherubic without being cloying, silly without being insipid, accomplished and playful, direct and fresh, earnest and hopeful, concerned and cheerful. It's pluperfect music for the preschool set, and older."

--Patrick Jennings author of "Faith and the Electric Dogs" and other young adult titles

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