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Apple Apple 2012 cover artFrom the album Sundrops (2015)

Apple Apple 2012 cover artFrom the album Apple Apple (2012)

Ladybug One 2008 cover artFrom the album Ladybug One (2008)

birds falling from the sky 2005 cover artFrom the album Birds Falling from the Sky (2005)

underneath your umbrella 2002 cover artFrom the album Underneath Your Umbrella (2002)

mary macaroni 2005 cover artFrom the album Mary Macaroni (2005)

lemonbomb 1997 cover artFrom the album Lemonbomb (1997)

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What is the Free Music Project?

Rather than stickering Harmonica Pocket albums with the now common FBI anti-piracy logo, we encourage you to make copies of our CDs and trade music.

The FREE MUSIC PROJECT license below allows you to legally burn copies of our music for non-commercial use. This means copies can be given away as gifts without exchanging money and we still retain full copyright ownership in the music we create.

Here is the FREE MUSIC PROJECT license in 4 bullets (This is what our lawyer tells us we need to include ):

  1. Songs must not be changed, altered, or made into derivative works;
  2. Reproduction or distribution is not made for profit. To use songs other than as specifically permitted by this license you must contact Goldfish In Your Cocktail Music Publishing for legal permission;
  3. The following copyright information must accompany all copies: (c) 2018 K.M. Apgar; and
  4. You will be liable to the copyright holder if you violate the terms of this license. The publisher reserves the right to terminate this license at any time. All rights reserved.

We encourage other independent artists to adopt the FREE MUSIC PROJECT as a model and to post your own full length mp3s for which you are a copyright owner.

You are welcome to download tracks from this page at no charge. Or you can help us eat a nice breakfast again tomorrow by stuffing a few bones in our "Tip Jar."



The Harmonica Pocket

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